Thursday, June 25, 2009

CCRIS = Central Credit Reference Information System


The Summary Credit Report displays summarised information relating to the customer’s current and potential liabilities arising from credit facilities obtained from the financial institutions in Malaysia. The liabilities include those where the customer has obtained borrowings of its own, liabilities of joint-accounts, sole proprietorships/partnerships/professional bodies in which the customer is an Owner/Partner of the business. It also includes liabilities where the customer is a guarantor for other borrowers.

How to check my CCRIS?

If you stay within Klang Valley, you have to go to Bank Negara at Jalan Dato’ Onn. Go to Blok D, ground floor, and you just need to show them your Mykad. The Service Counter will verify your Mykad, and you need to fill in a from. Depends on numbers of customer, you will be called and they will ask you whether this is your first time or not. If not, the consultant will give you detail explanation on how to read the Detailed Credit Report as attached below.

If you stay out of Klang Valley, you can get your CCRIS report by post. Call BNM LINK to know more details.

From report above, you can easily check whether you have outstanding amount or not for every of your loan or credit card. If you can see other than number 0 in CONDUCT OF ACCOUNT FOR LAST 2 MONTHS column, especially for last 3 months, then you will get problem when applying any loan.

This report only can be provided to you by Bank Negara once per year.

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